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Audio Magazines

Restictions: Due to requirements of U.S. Copyright law, some periodicals are available only to the blind and visually–impaired who have provided documentation of their disability.

If you meet these requirements please login or create an account.

The Student

Bible lessons for adults arranged for personal daily study. Lessons provide in-depth Bible study for personal Christian growth. This magazine is produced monthly.

Vantage Point

Interviews and inspirational articles on a wide range of subjects, including health and fitness, nature, travel, music and the arts, and stories of personal accomplishments while seeking to discover Bible-centered spiritual connections among the many experiences of life. This magazine is produced quarterly.


Articles and interviews exploring a Christ-centered approach to a variety of topics while seeking to make Bible knowledge practical and relevant, with a focus on living well in this present life and for eternity. Each issue also includes a sermon recorded live from a variety of churches. This magazine is produced quarterly.

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