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Services for the Blind

All who are legally blind (20/200 with corrective lenses) or have physical impairments which prevent them from holding a book to read are eligible for the following free services:

  • Subscription Magazines (Periodicals) -- Magazines are available in braille, in large print, and on audio CD.
  • Booklets -- Braille and large-print publications to inform and inspire.
  • Lending Library -- Over 1,400 book titles are available in braille and on digital cartridge through the CRSB library. Books can be checked out on a 30-day loan period.
  • Gift Bibles and Bible Courses -- Bibles and several Bible courses are available in braille, large print, solar player, and NLS digital cartridge.
  • Digital version of the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal -- Software allows Seventh-day Adventist Church members to participate in congregational singing along with their sighted friends.
  • Full-Vision Books -- A combination of braille and print enables blind parents to read to their sighted children and sighted parents to help blind children learn to read braille.

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